how to eat carbs and still lose weight

as long as humans have been eating, some humans have been limiting what they eat in order to get in shape or stay there, and the most obvious target for dieting is our body’s main fuel source.

carbohydrates we process some of the food we eat for glycogen, and glucose to keep our bodies moving, and our body has a built-in mechanism to store access energy fat cells, no carb diets bring quick results, but there’s a problem, once you start eating carbs again odds are you’ll put a lot of that weight right back on, your body will suddenly start having extra fuel again, and it will store that fuel as fat, even if you could go without eating carbs for the rest of your life, and you really shouldn’t that’s not a healthy way to maintain balanced body chemistry cutting out carbs entirely causes a condition called hypoglycemia which can produce feelings of hunger, shakiness, dizziness, confusion, difficulty speaking, or anxiety, if your body goes into ketosis it starts burning reserves of fat for energy, this will help you shed the pounds but could also cause mental fatigue, bad breath, nausea, headaches, painful swelling in your joints and even kidney stones.

healthy dieting is about what you eat and how much and it’s more of a lifestyle change than a crash course if you’re looking to drop a few pounds and keep them off you’ll want to combine a sustainable calorie deficit with the healthy balance of protein, fat, and carbs to make the process healthy, and safe, there are products that contain the necessary amounts of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins which help us feel full for longer without requiring us to eat a lot.

in this article let’s look at some key information about carbs from nutritionists, we’ll also look at a list of tasty foods that will help you diet safely, and get rid of that excess weight once and for all, and keep it off.

  • carbohydrates and weight loss

the most important thing to remember about carbs is that they provide us with energy, they are our body’s main fuel source, and they are key to metabolizing fat, and protein at the same time carbohydrates are usually accused of contributing to weight gain is this true?

the answer is: it depends by structure, carbohydrates are divided into two types:

complex carbs: contain starch, fiber, pectin, and glycogen they include —bread

  • beans
  • cereals
  • pasta
  • potatoes
  • vegetables
  • nuts

they’re slow digesting, and make us feel full starch plus fiber they improve the work of the intestines and maintain gut flora, the fiber they reduce water retention, the fiber they support the gastric mucosa and improve digestion, pectin they help with muscle growth, glycogen they tend to be better for you.

simple carbs: contain glucose, fructose, galactose, sucrose, and maltose they include:

  • fruit
  • milk
  • sweets
  • pastries
  • beer
  • most fast food

they cause blood sugar swings, they give you more energy, they tend to be less good for you, when your glucose level increases the pancreas starts producing insulin the more carbs we eat the higher our insulin level is:

complex carbs: take longer to process giving your body a chance to release insulin gradually.

simple carbs: on the other hand release their glucose much faster leading to insulin swings, and an urge to eat more if you eat more simple carbs the process repeats itself, and so on in a vicious cycle if most of the carbs you eat are simple carbs that will provoke a rapid insulin level increase, it doesn’t allow your body to digest fats, and that’s why we gain weight, a sustained insulin spike reaction can also lead to diabetes where the body doesn’t produce insulin properly.

don’t worry this doesn’t mean you have to quit simple carbs your diet just needs to be balanced if you’re looking to lose weight when you eat carbs you should opt for mostly complex carbs.

7 complex carbs you should eat

the following sources of complex carbs are good, healthy additions to your diet, but hang on, this is not a license to eat these things all the time eating all carbs even complex carbs will saturate your body with fuel, and it will have to store all that excess fuel somewhere, what you need to support your level of activity and exercise regimen.

going on a diet? before and during a regimen of restricting the foods you eat consult a licensed nutritionist, and your doctor:

(7) – chickpeas

a type of legume that includes the Bengal gram garbanzo bean, and Egyptian pea chickpeas contain protein, and lots of irreplaceable amino acids responsible for proper metabolism, they also give you a good hit of fiber which slows digestion to a healthy pace and helps control the amount of food we eat, chickpeas go perfectly with vegetable soups spices and olive oil hummus an iconic Middle Eastern dish is made of mashed chickpeas, try stir-frying them in a little oil and cumin to add to salads or as a taco filling, for weight loss nutritionists recommend replacing products high in saturated fats with chickpeas.

(6) – corn

the protein and vitamins contained in corn help us get healthy skin, hair, and nails, contribute to fat burning and have fiber to stimulate the work of the intestines an interesting fact if you mix the corn with beans you can make the process of weight loss more effective because both products contain resistant starch, this is a carb that dodges digestion releasing glucose only when it reaches the large intestine thereby improving metabolism as if you needed an excuse to eat more Mexican food watch out, especially in America a vast amount of processed food contains corn syrup including high fructose corn syrup HFCS which is essentially processed sugar, HFCS eliminates most of the vitamins and fiber you’d ordinarily find in corn if you’re looking to eat healthfully it’s best to minimize or avoid these products altogether.

(5) – pasta

when you’re going to eat pasta make sure it’s whole-grain pasta whole-wheat pasta is your best bet, white or enriched pasta has some of the nutritional value but it can’t match whole wheat much healthier profile using whole-grain pasta can be an easy and delicious substitution in your regular diet, whole grain pasta contains complex carbs which supply us with energy and clean our body of toxins, studies have shown that three daily servings of whole grains such as half a cup of cooked whole-wheat pasta one serving can reduce your risk of several health conditions including cancer type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular and digestive disease, of course, if you have a sensitivity to wheat or you have to eat gluten-free you’ll want to look for other options, pasta perfectly combines with vegetables make sure you cook it al dente pasta that is cooked to be firm to the bite as boiling breaks down the glycogen structures giving al dente pasta a lower glycemic index than pasta cooked until it’s soft.

(4) – green beans and asparagus

we’ve all heard how important it is to eat your vegetables, and it’s absolutely true, veggies provide good fuel lots of fiber and all kinds of nutritional benefits, here’s a couple of the best, green beans contain potassium which strengthens muscle and normalizes the work of the intestines, green beans are a special gift for people who don’t eat meat because they contain a huge amount of plant-based protein, this low-calorie food is really popular as a weight-loss option because of its nourishing properties that make us feel fuller longer, asparagus possesses the same benefits it contains fiber and large amounts of vitamins, helps lower high blood pressure, cleans out toxins and, stimulates the work of the heart try it steamed with a little olive oil.

(3) – mushrooms

mushrooms are among the world’s most amazing organisms thriving under inhospitable conditions and converting what we consider trash into healthy nutrition, they’re fantastic for dieters because although mushrooms are very nourishing, and will keep you full they don’t contain many calories, raw champignons only contain 27 calories, while fried champignons average about 50 calories, amino, acids, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and vitamins B, C, and D, make mushrooms a very healthy dish, their fiber and protein let us satisfy our hunger faster there are even special mushroom diets.

(2) – rice

rice is a healthy and nutritionally dense source of energy for the body rice is an aquatic grass lasagna Aquatica and grows primarily in North America, wild rice contains a small number of calories, and a huge amount of fiber, protein, and tryptophan, an amino acid that serves as a natural sedative tryptophan is the same thing you get in Thanksgiving turkey, this rice with nutty flavors enriches our bodies really quickly, it’s recommended to eat wild rice with other products because it’s so heavy, add some wild rice to brown rice to make a well-rounded meal, if you can’t get your hands on wild rice go for brown rice to avoid white rice whenever possible just like with pasta the bleaching, and refining process strips a lot of the nutrients, and fiber until you’re essentially eating empty calories.

(1) – potato

diet biologists disagree about whether potatoes are really healthy, some researchers have found that they’re beneficial in weight loss, or point out that potatoes contain less starch than pasta, and some cereals, but plenty of nutritionists steer clear of such a dense source of carbs the way you cook potatoes makes a huge difference, boiling potatoes are baking them with vegetables and a little olive oil preserves their useful elements, frying potatoes like french fries or tater tots breaks down their nutritional value and attaches a huge amount of saturated fat, not what you’re looking for when you’re trying to lose weight try to cut down on eating butter and meat with your potatoes especially fried ones and choose healthier potato recipes.

what do you usually eat to keep fit? Share your recipes in the comments

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